Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics in Liversedge

Fault finding for your vehicle

If your warning lights are flashing we recommend you get your vehicle checked by one of our experts at Colman Tyre & Motor Co. With state-of-the-art engine diagnostic software, we can detect any problems with your vehicle and provide an affordable repair. Serving Liversedge, Dewsbury, Batley, Cleckheaton, Hightown and Heckmondwike.

Not sure what the issue is?

Is the engine light indicating to you that there is a problem? Not sure what it is? At Colman Tyre & Motor Co in Liversedge, we use some of the latest diagnostics equipment to detect faults in your car, allowing us to handle the repairs promptly and effectively for you.
Our technicians are well-trained and carry out vehicle diagnostics to a high standard. This means that when we come around to fixing your car, we are able to instantly work on the exact component causing the problem, saving you time.
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Problems addressed by diagnostics:

  • Car refusing to start
  • Lighting faults
  • Electrical faults
  • Engine management issues
  • Fuel pressure and flow
  • Ignition faults
  • And many more
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For detailed engine diagnostic services in Liversedge, contact Colman Tyre & Motor Co.

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